Finished Projects

Home Again

We recently completed our Home Again project. The new store can be found where Boaters World used to be located in South Portland, and opened in April. Below are some images of the work that we completed here.

Camp Sunshine

At Camp Sunshine, we updated many rooms. We worked on the doors in the teen room, server room, boiler room, parent room, pool area and stairways. We fixed some moulding and added door plates, weather stripping, and shelves in various areas. Here are a few images of some of the doors we updated for the camp.


Here at Sunrise Home, we want to make sure that your home or business suits your needs.We will happily remodel for you and will do it in such a way that others will not be able to point out the new from the old! Below are some examples of some of our remodeling projects.


Another type of project that we can do is stairs. Here are some examples of some stairs we’ve built in the past.